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Activate Investment Group

As part of Activate Capital’s Digital Startup Studio programme there is an opportunity for high net worth UK resident and tax payers to benefit through SEIS investments. Investors would be part of the startups initial raise to establish business traction and would be given preferential access as the startup then goes on to secure a bigger raise for market launch.

Startups go through Activate’s value proposition design programme once they’ve been selected through a comprehensive qualification process. After this initial phase of the programme, the Activate Investment Group are given early access to the startups as the companies look for funding as part of the second phase of business development and growth.

This funding is used to develop business proof of traction including value proposition refinement, market testing and consolidation of the founding team. Once this phase is complete, the startups go on to raise investment for commercial launch and Activate Investment Group's members are given preferential access to this funding round.



For more information on the Activate Capital programme as well as information about how to join the Investment Group community, contact investors@activate.co.uk or download the executive briefing package.