Why invest with Activate?

Value Propositions with Traction
We test, iterate and refine value propositions by getting concepts in front of users as early as possible to find out what sticks.
We’re in this together
We review hundreds of applications and only work with startups that we believe in enough to invest our own money.
SEIS Investment Opportunity
High income investors in early stage startups can make high reward investments at an extraordinarily low risk.
What is SEIS investing?
We do the leg work for you
Before investors even see a proposal, we will have reviewed hundreds of startups and vetted them down to the very best.
De-risking early stage investing
Startups go through our programme to ensure technology is being used to create a profitable business proposal.
Ongoing mentoring to ensure growth
Activate continues to work with the portfolio company ensuring they stay focused and are executing per plan.

Our Portfolio

We've partnered with ambitious startups and exisitng companies to re-define their digital business strategy, create compelling experiences for their customers, and take their vision to market
Tomo Managing the habits that keep you healthy
Seed Round£350,000
StatusProduct launched
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Buddyhub Reducing loneliness for older people through social circles
Grants, Investments and Loans£187,950
StatusProduct launched
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isoshealth Combined support of a personalised team of healthcare professionals
RoundFinalising £350,000 Round
StatusProduct launched
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How do we do it?

Our programme is customised for each company but always has three fundamental objectives:
Digital Strategy
Ensure technology is being used to create a profitable digital business.

Give entrepreneures practice using the skills they will need to survive and thrive.
Ensure the proposition is investable and prepare the founders to raise money.

Our Programmes

Each can be accessed individually or as a combined package tailored for the needs and vision of the startup.

Value Proposition Design & Validation

Explore the purpose and vision of the business. Create new propositions and validate product-market fit with target users. Define the business strategy for successfully meeting customer's needs at scale.


Product Design
& Proof of Traction

Take the idea and make it a reality through cycles of design sprints, prototyping, and user testing. Build the team to meet the capability requirements of the business. Create an effective product roadmap to ensure the company stays focused on the path to delivery.

Product Build
& Go to Market

Bridging the gap between strategy and delivery. Build and launch the product to market using agile development techniques. Providing the technology expertise to support scaling and managing the product.

Support for Growth

Covers the full-spectrum of issues that prevent the business from growing naturally. It is a focused commitment to build the strongest, most profitable, version of the business possible.

“This doesn’t feel like a traditional accelerator programme because of its intensity and because it is one-on-one. It has changed the course of our business.”

Gus Booth-Clibborn, Co-Founder & CEO - Tomo

Meet the team

The Activate team brings together experts from different backgrounds that share the ambition to design and leverage digital businesses.
adrian austin.png

Adrian Austin

Inspires you to create usable digital products with the power to drive your strategy. He will help you create and develop your product in an attractive way.

annette kramer.png

Annette Kramer

Strategy expert in assisting companies raise money globally, she will help you start the conversations investors and partners want to continue.

bavesh gorasia.png

Bhavesh Gorasia

With seamless organisational and interpersonal skills, he plans and delivers rewarding, successful projects, tailored to your needs.

greg rice.png

Greg Rice

Founded Activate Media in 1992. Offers you vast experience of establishing and nurturing relationships both in the UK and US.

matt mower.png

Matt Mower

Ensures technology delivers an ROI for your business by stimulating your thinking, sharing insight & experience, and creating more value for your customers.



Paolo Valdemarin

Keeps your vision and strategy in perfect harmony. Empowers your business with the best digital platform.

Santosh Singh.png

Santosh Singh

Overcomes the most daunting tech challenges to get your product out of the door the way you wanted.


What is SEIS investing?

If you’re a high net worth UK resident and taxpayer, Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) investments should be part of your portfolio. A “hit” can bring greater returns than almost any other type of investment.

Tax Relief Up to 50% tax relief in the tax year the investment is made.

Capital Gains Tax 100% Capital Gains Tax exemption on gains made after the three year investment period.

Loss Relief Meaning only 25-30% of total investment is at risk.

Generous Benefits for High Income Individuals

While early stage investments are more risky than typical institutional plays, the generous SEIS benefits mean you get the chance to invest in potentially game changing opportunities on highly advantageous terms.

Tax Relief Up to 50% tax relief in the tax year the investment is made.

Capital Gains Tax 100% Capital Gains Tax exemption on gains made after the three year investment period.

Loss Relief Meaning only 25-30% of total investment is at risk.

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