Product Build & Go to Market

Building your product. Launching to market. Managing and scaling the technology.

Bride the gap between your strategy and delivery, and take your product to market. The phase will scale to the needs of your product and you will benefit from our extensive technology expertise in developing and launching digital products over our 20+ year history.
Agile Development Process

Scalable Product Build & Launch

Technology Management


Our goal is to get a working product into customers' hands as quickly as possible. Your dedicated team of developers will work in sprints to achieve this, whilst assuring quality through constant testing.

The phase begins with platform architecture design where we refine the product roadmap and determine the right technology for the needs of your project in the context of your business.

We aim to stay light and agile, this means that the product idea can continue to evolve throughout the build in order to react to the changing needs of your customers and of your business.

Communication is vital and often. We host frequent meetings, either in person at our office in London or virtually, to ensure a collaborative problem solving process and that progress is aligned with the product roadmap. We also use a Kanban board to allow you to visualise the workflow and track the progress of your project.