Product Design & Proof of Traction

Designing the experience. Providing proof of traction. Building a roadmap to delivery.

This collaborative, iterative design phase is centered around design sprints to bring your value propositions to life as a testable prototype. The phase will be tailor made to the needs of your business and you will benefit from our extensive experience of designing and developing digital products over our 20+ year history.
Design Sprint

Impact Mapping

User Testing & Proof of Traction

Consolodating the Core Team

Preparing to raise investment for product build


Take your idea from post it to prototype and into the hands of your target users through a collaborative, iterative design sprint.

Some projects may include the creation of an MVP in order to get some of the key experiences of the product to early customers as quickly as possible, without burning too many resources to get there. This is an inexpensive way to test product hypotheses, accelerate learning, and ensure your business is delivering a product or service that users want and need.

This will help to you provide proof of traction and, if suitable, may have the capability to acquire your earliest users and generate your first real revenue.

Build your team to meet the capability requirements of your business. Create an effective product roadmap to ensure you stay focused on the path to delivery and align the activities of the team with overall business objectives.

Prepare you and your business to raise funding for the product build and subsequent launch, whilst introducing you to our network of investors.