Value Proposition Design & Validation

Establishing vision and purpose. Defining market opportunity. Delivering validated value propositions.

A high energy approach of between twelve and fourteen days over a six week period on site at our studio in Ealing, London. You will benefit from a tailor-made approach based specifically for your individual requirements and will get the full attention of our mentors on every day of the programme.
Vision & Purpose

Value Proposition Design

Market testing & validation

Digital Business strategy

Preparing to raise for Design Sprint


Together, we will identify the rock solid purpose behind your business and establish a shared vision.

Explore the market opportunity and ensure product-market fit: identify significantly valuable user problems and needs, design value propositions to solve and meet these issues, and validate ideas with real customers and stakeholders in order to see if customers will actually spend real money to have the identified problems solved.

Develop a strategy for successfully reaching the market at scale, form an actionable plan for establising proof of traction, and prepare your team and business for investment.