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Tomo is a peer support app designed to provide help. Using a machine learning algorithm, the app tracks and manage the habits that keep users healthy, positive and productive. Tomo addresses the significant and global problem of depression and is based on psychological and behavioural research. The app is designed to increase resilience, speed up recovery and prevent relapse.

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isoshealth is a platform that provides a new way to practice and consume healthcare. isoshealth combines mind, body and nutrition, together for weight management that works - the Power of 3. By offering consumers digital consultations with a multidisciplinary team build of a dietitian, a physiotherapist and a psychologist, isoshealth gives accessible and personalised care to people who want to change their health from the comfort of their homes.

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BuddyHub is a social enterprise that developed a modern approach to befriending creating a novel way to help older people who are experiencing or at risk of loneliness and/ or isolation. Their mission is to create a world where no one needs to fear getting older. They do that by building a new social circle of friends for older people. At BuddyHub, one Senior is matched with up to three like-minded Buddies that live no more than 30-minutes away, forming what they call a ‘Friendship Wheel’. 

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Good Morning Italia


Since 2013 Good Morning Italia has been sending every morning a 200 words news briefing to thousands of Italians. The company, run by founder and CEO Beniamino Pagliaro, is now ready to move to a new phase. Activate is helping with the definition of the strategy and the development of a new software platform.